Preliminary Source Sheets (Homework for 2/2)

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Preliminary Source Sheets (Homework for 2/2)

Erin Harte
Homework: Preliminary Source Sheets Draft

1.) Pick 1-3 possible topics for your 1st paper. If you're not sure what you want to write about, use this as a brainstorming session and find sources on three different topics. If you already know what you'd like to research in your neighborhood, focus all your sources on your topic.

2.) Identify 3 potential sources for your paper - check out the links tab for some helpful resources. You might start simply by Googling your topic or location. Or, check out for help - at the bottom of the articles on Wikipedia, authors have posted their references. Find a topic that interests you, then go straight to the source.

3.)By next class (2/4), you should have identified 3 potential sources for a specific New York Neighborhood themed topic. This doesn't mean they'll end up in your final draft. Sources may include journal articles, scholarly articles, news articles, or primary sources (interviews, questionnaires, surveys). Below I've posted a few final draft source sheets. You'll submit three final versions of these with your first paper. Your summaries and questionnaires do not have to be complete by the next class, but you should demonstrate evidence of your research. Any questions? Post them to the discussion board!