Small Writing Assignment #3

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Small Writing Assignment #3

Shakema Barnes
"Mama make Gloria stop crying"-Bell Hooks

The American Red Cross wants Haiti to stop telling people of the thievery and lies that they've endured at the hands of the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross has collected more than $400,000 from people claiming they are going to build houses in Haiti and provide people with food and water, they have yet to do so.  The people of Haiti are still living in tents and going to sleep hungry.

When their is a disaster the Red Cross illegally enrich themselves with donated money.  For example, they stole money when Hurricane Katrina, and 9/11 happened.  So I try to urge people not to give their money to the Red Cross because no one in Haiti will receive it.

The U.S military along with George Bush and Bill Clinton purpose for being in Haiti isn't because they are concerned about Haiti or it's people, it's because they want to divide and conquer Haiti.  They want to take away Haiti's independence.  Haiti is a sovereign country. US HANDS OFF HAITI!